Daytona Beach Web Cam

The temperature in the Daytona Beach area ranges from an average of 78.5° F (30.4° C) in the summer to 59.3°F (20.6° C) in the winter; perfect for fun in the sun all year round! The same ocean breezes that keep the climate mild in winter provide cool winds in the summer.

Take a couple of deep breaths, sit back, and picture yourself here. Enjoy a carefree, sunny morning on Daytona Beach, with delightful scenes of sparkling Atlantic waters, the Intracoastal Waterway, the Main Street Pier, the Boardwalk Amusement Area, Ocean Walk Village Shoppes, the Ocean Center convention center and more.

Visit our Daytona Beach Live Web Cam! Courtesy of Volusia County Government.

The air is warm, the pace is relaxed, and the vibe is nothing short of perfect. Start planning today

Enjoy Three Minutes of Virtual Paradise in this Video, Courtesy of Videographer Zach Lincoln!


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