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Wine Not?

Wine Not? at the Trails
262 North Nova Road, Ormond Beach, FL 32174
(386) 317-2108


The Trails Plaza in Ormond Beach is frequented by Ormond Beach locals as well as people all over the area who want a slightly different and upscale place to shop.

In the summer of 2018, ”Wine Not?” rolled into The Trails Plaza, and it fit right in. I have been to this wine bar several times with my wife and friends, and we have always had the nicest time. The decor is beautiful, and the floor is a gorgeous, polished concrete with beautiful stained colors and a mirror finish - perfect for rolling my wheelchair. The walls are covered with hundreds of bottles of different kinds of wines, and the people who work there are fantastic.

Coming in the front door is easy enough, but after that, it might be difficult getting through in a wheelchair, depending on how many people are inside. But if you come through the gate in the back patio, you can either stay in the patio or go inside through the back door. Going through the back door takes you to a much larger space where a wheelchair can easily get around. There are one or two low tables in that area inside that are perfect for me.

Honestly, I would rather stay out in the patio if it's not too hot. I'm writing this at the end of summer, and the temperature is usually perfect in the evening for a glass of wine on the patio. The patio is spacious with tables and even a couple of couches. It is covered by a large tent and surrounded by wrought-iron fencing. It's never completely quiet, because there is a man-made waterfall flowing next to the patio. It is so romantic and beautiful in the evening.

I am not a wine connoisseur, so I always need help choosing a bottle. If I give the waitperson an idea what kind of wine I like and what my price range is, they always bring us a bottle of delicious wine. If you get hungry, they have a few plates to choose from including crostini (Italian toasted bread with toppings) and a meat, cheese and fruit plate - a perfect pairing for wine!

If you are ever looking for a nice experience, or if you really just love sipping wine, do yourself a favor and visit “Wine Not?”