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Beach Accessibility

by Steve Deal

One of the main reasons I live here in the Daytona Beach area is the beach itself! I only live about 1-1/2 blocks from the beach because there is nothing like it. It's beautiful, soothing, and fun. You will always find someone there looking for shells, getting exercise, or just hanging out in the sun. Daytona Beach is 23 miles of beautiful white sand, and beach driving is allowed on 11 of those 23 miles. Personally, I really like driving down the beach with the windows open, because I get to smell the salty air, check out all of the beachgoers, and feel the warm wind on my face. It's fun and relaxing. When I was in school here, I would always cruise the beach after a tough exam just to clear my head, and it always worked!

The beach in this area is a versatile one. If you want to get away from everyone and hang out by yourself or with a friend, it is easy to find a quiet, remote stretch of beach. However, if you want to be where the action is, you'll have no problem finding that, too. You can find areas that are enjoyed by families with kids, couples, seniors - you name it! But wherever you end up, expect to feel welcomed.

Daytona Beach offers lots of extras. Handicap vehicles get free access to the beach. I guess you could call that a perk! Everyone knows the best hot dogs are served at the ball game and at the beach, so when you're hungry, you'll find plenty of food vendors offering all sorts of tasty snacks and drinks. (No alcohol is allowed on the beach, by the way.) Vendors also rent beach chairs, umbrellas, surfboards, body boards, scooters and much more.

Make sure you try out the complimentary Beach Wheelchairs, available for free on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Watch video: Witness the ease of enjoying the beach with a free beach wheelchair.

Additional beach mobility equipment is available from Beach Mobility Rentals.

Check out my blog to read one of my favorite experiences! "Electric Beach Chair Improves Beach Mobility" is a review that also shows how you can be an inspiration to others on the beach.

There are lots of Beach Access Ramps and parks where you can drive your vehicle onto the beach, and most of them are accessible for a wheelchair also. Occasionally the sand becomes very soft and a bit tricky to maneuver in with a wheelchair, so be careful. If being on the beach is not your preference, you might want to visit one of the many Beachfront Parks that provide a stunning ocean view - without all that sand! Most parks offer showers and picnic tables, ramps and more.

Beach Tips

Emergency phone: 911
Non-emergency phone: (386) 239-7873

About the Author
I'm Steve Deal, and I'd like to extend a personal welcome to you on your next visit to the Daytona Beach area. As an active quadriplegic, I have found this community to be incredibly accommodating to visitors with disabilities.

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