Read about our accessible Restaurants and Attractions.

Accessible Daytona Beach is an excellent resource for any area visitor or resident who requires accommodation for sight, hearing or mobility disabilities. We provide a comprehensive list of accessible hotels, restaurantattractions and concert venues as well as tips for getting around.

I'm Steve Deal, and I'd like to extend a personal welcome to you on your next visit to the Daytona Beach area. As an active quadriplegic, I have found this community to be incredibly accommodating to visitors with disabilities.

The weather is warm, the people are friendly, there's plenty to see and do, and you'll find a variety of delicious food in our many unique restaurants.

Restaurants and Attractions
Take a stroll through our Web site, which is filled with valuable resources on hotels, restaurants, cultural experiences, attractions and more. We've even included a list of home health care, vehicle repair, and transportation resources just for you.

We've put all of this information at your fingertips hoping you'll come and visit us in person. I just know you'll love Daytona Beach as much as I do. Oh and....please be sure to say "Hi" if you see me around town during your visit!

It's a beautiful community, and it is truly fun for everyone.

Enjoy yourself! 
Steve Deal

Transportation Services - Whether you are heading to the beach, a meeting, or a sporting event, we want to give you the best access to your destination.

Care Services & Equipment - Our goal is to help people with mobility impairments increase their independence, and improve the quality of their visit.

Beach Accessibility - For beachgoers with special needs, accessible ramps and Surf Chairs are available at no charge. Visitors can navigate safely and comfortably in surf and soft sand.

Hotels & Inns - You can use this tool to search for hotels that have facilities for special needs visitors.

Activities & Entertainment - Most of our local venues are highly accessible. Choose from bowling, movies and sightseeing boat rides and more.

Steve's Favorite Restaurants - The following restaurants are recommended favorites of Steve Deal, focusing on great cuisine, as well as access for disabled visitors to enjoy comfortably.


More About Steve:

I've been a "local" in the Daytona Beach area since I moved here from North Carolina in 1986. I originally came to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. In 1990, I was involved in an automobile accident that left me paralyzed from the chest down and forced me to leave Florida to live with family in North Carolina.

After 1 1/2 years, I really missed the beauty and excitement of Daytona Beach. That time in North Carolina also taught me that I no longer wanted to live in or near cold weather! The average high temperature in Daytona Beach in January is 70°! So I packed up my short sleeve shirts, and I moved back to paradise.

Learning to live in a wheelchair was a whole new challenge for me. Luckily, I had a friend in a wheelchair that taught me I didn't have to stay inside all of the time. This area has a lot to offer, and I was determined to get out and see it all! Now, if I have to go somewhere, I get on a VOTRAN bus and I go. These buses go everywhere I need to go, and they get me there on time. That said, on a typical warm sunny day, I may not ride the bus at all. Instead, I ride my chair onto the beach and I ride for miles until I reach my own neighborhood. There's nothing more relaxing than that.

Recently, I was contacted by the Daytona Beach Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, and they asked me to do some research for a new web page to add to their site. The page is designed to assist people with disabilities that are visiting the Daytona Beach area. We have many resources to guide visitors to accessible accommodations, restaurants, entertainment and nightlife options, and transportation. And we've got plenty of local doctors and medical supply companies, caregivers who will visit hotels, and other resources for the physically, visually and hearing impaired.

I hope this information will help you find what you're looking for and allow you to get the most out of your visit to the Daytona Beach area.

It's a beautiful community, and it is truly fun for everyone. Enjoy yourself!