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Public Transportation

An easy way for our visitors (and residents) to access Votran routes and know when to board/exit the bus is on a free app called MyStop Mobile.

With it, you can easily use the "Trips" function to plug in where you are and where you're going. It gives you several route choices, tells you how far you need to walk to catch the closest bus, when you'll arrive at your destination, and more.  The "Alerts" tab will even let you know if your bus is early, late, or right on time.

Votran, a service of Volusia County government, provides access to shopping, employment, healthcare and entertainment in the Volusia County area.  Riders enjoy clean, comfortable and energy efficient public transit by riding Votran. If your trip starts or finishes on a bicycle, Votran buses offer convenient bike racks on the front of the buses; space is limited.

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