How do you even begin to say thank you to mom for all she does year-round?

  A Daytona Beach getaway is a great place to start. Daytona Beach offers plenty of ways for you to treat your mother to a bit of the TLC she gives the family – seemingly 24/7. Whether she prefers a Swedish massage, fun in the sun, or savoring snapper she caught herself, Daytona Beach is the place to celebrate mom.

  • Remedy Spa at Pelican Bay: Let her melt away the knots and tight muscles of motherhood at a place where she'll be well taken care of. Highly-trained technicians work wonders in a 60-minute treatment. VISIT REMEDY SPA

Spa treatment

  • Picnic in the Garden at Ormond Memorial Art Museum: The grounds of this museum are a beautiful, must-see place where you can stroll the shaded paths beside streams and ponds and bring a picnic, too. It's a hidden gem in Ormond Beach. VISIT THE ORMOND MEMORIAL ART MUSEUM AND GARDENS

Waterfall at Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens

  • See Dolphins and Manatees While Paddle Boarding: Give mom a paddle boarding experience. Three Brothers Boards offers stand up paddle board dolphin and manatee adventure tours in the Halifax River and Daytona Beach area that the whole family can enjoy. VISIT THREE BROTHERS BOARDS

Paddle boarding along the inland waterways of Daytona Beach.

  • Cocktails at the Ocean Deck Restaurant & Beach Club: Take mom to this unique and casual oceanfront restaurant, which has been entertaining visitors on the beach since 1940. You'll find wonderful service and renowned barbecue wings if mom wants a snack served up with live reggae music. Treat mom to an Alcho-ccino (Irish cream and cappuccino) or an 1800 Margarita. VISIT THE OCEAN DECK
  • A show at the Daytona Beach Bandshell: Visit this historic amphitheater all summer for sizzling concerts featuring a variety of music genres. Locals and tourists love this place, and it's a great open-air oceanfront venue to bring the family, too. The summer concert series starts May 27. VISIT THE BANDSHELL
  • An adventure with Daytona Beach Fishing Charters: Whether it’s a relaxed inshore fishing experience on the Halifax River or a thrilling deep sea adventure on the Atlantic Ocean, Captain Corey Simmons and Captain Melissa Leone are known for providing fun while fishing, and for having a good chance for a great catch. Mom's likely to come home with a few keepers and plenty of great pictures of this adventure. VISIT DAYTONA BEACH FISHING CHARTERS

Offshore Fishing Daytona Beach Fishing Charters

  • A day on the water with Blue Diamond Boat Rentals: Take to crystal-clear waters in the Daytona Beach area for fun. Enjoy diving, luxury boating, snorkeling, tubing, wakeboarding, and more. Or book a jet-ski tour for the whole family. EXPLORE BLUE DIAMOND BOAT RENTALS           

Shopping in Daytona Beach

  • A shopping spree at Tanger Outlets: All mom's favorite brand-name and designer stores are here, so wear your walking shoes for a day of shopping! Set in a beautiful open-air space, Tanger Outlets has great prices and all the latest brands and trends. VISIT THE OUTLETS

  Mother’s Day and Daytona Beach: Two of our favorite things ever. Give your mom or kids’ mom a fun-filled beach escape. Celebrate her for all she is with some Wide. Open. Fun. At Daytona Beach. Book your stay today!