Craving a burger? How about a hot dog? Cooking out is a fun way to spend time catching up with family and to enjoy the evening — and unlike some beach destinations, it is allowed right on Daytona Beach! 

An on-the-beach dinner cookout is ideal for family reunions, smaller vacation crews and those with young kids, because there is plenty of room for all to kick back and relax on Daytona Beach. If the grill master in your family is feeling like firing up the ol’ cooker to the sound of the crashing waves, consider these tips for grilling in Daytona Beach.

Grill Out on the Greatest Beach

Grilling out is permitted on Daytona Beach, with a few key considerations. Be sure that any fires are contained to a grill, and please dispose of ashes properly once they have cooled. You’ll want to make sure that you pre-pack any meat or spoilable items in a cooler with plenty of ice beforehand — nothing ruins a beach vacation quite like a bad tummy ache! And, be sure to grab a roll of paper towels; this way, you don’t have individual napkins blowing around in the beach breeze, and can keep them all easily accessible.

Host a Bonfire on the Beach

Hosting your own beach bonfire is a fun way to spend time together — especially if you have a group that spans a wide age range! As always, be sure to adhere to beach safety rules so that all who visit may enjoy our beaches. And most importantly, don’t forget to bring the marshmallows!

Volusia County has fire rings available free of charge that you can use on the beach, but you do need to reserve them in advance. To make your request, the Volusia County Beach Patrol at (386) 239-6414 ext. 230. Or, you can bring your own bonfire pit as long as it’s not sea turtle nesting season, which runs from May 1 through October 31. No permit is necessary, but all beach rules still apply.  

Paper, Please!

Please use only paper products when grilling out on Daytona Beach, and dispose of them in the trash cans placed conveniently throughout the length of the beach. This helps reduce the amount of plastic waste and litter produced — helping protect the ocean and all of its inhabitants. It’s important that we all do our part to keep Daytona Beach beautiful and clean for future generations to enjoy!

Additionally, many of the area’s beachfront parks feature a working grill/cookout area that you and your family can enjoy. Let the kids roam around the swing sets or run off some energy as you prepare the food. And, you’ll still get the soft, salty beach breeze coming in off the water — a win-win! Be sure to check out the park you want to visit online first, as grilling availability and rules may differ between parks. 

If you decide that gathering the ingredients, cooking the food, and maintaining a safe and clean cooking space — not to mention ensuring that meats are properly cooked and that seagulls don’t snatch a chip — are just too much effort during a vacation, not to worry! There are plenty of beach dining options mere steps from the shoreline, and they’ll be happy to serve you a delicious meal. No matter what you choose, you can’t really go wrong — dinner with a view is a treat no matter how you slice it.

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