The Loop 

Biketoberfest® Ride along the Ormond Beach Scenic Loop
Distance: 23 miles Time: 36 minutes

From the Birthplace of Speed Park to the Tomoka River basin, this 23-mile ride is part of a 30+ mile double  loop known for its lush canopies of live oaks and scenic ocean, river and marsh views. During motorcycle rallies, be on the look-out for street photographers capturing your picture as you cruise through the Old Florida landscape along the Ormond Beach Scenic Loop and Trail.

Turn-by-Turn Directions: Download the free REVER motorcycle trip planner and follow Biketoberfest® Rally for turn-by-turn directions of the Biketoberfest® The Loop Ride and more! Revisit our Top Ride page for instructions on how to follow Biketoberfest® Rally on REVER. 

Roadside Attractions and Amenities: Roadside attractions and amenities: Birthplace of Speed Park, several oceanfront beach parks, North Peninsula State Park, Highbridge Park, Bulow Creek State Park and the Fairchild Oak, Tomoka State Park and Tomoka Outpost, and Ormond Beach Historical Society. 

Enjoy the ride in this video!