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The Loop 

Biketoberfest® Ride along the Ormond Beach Scenic Loop
Distance: 23 miles Time: 36 minutes

From the Birthplace of Speed Park to the Tomoka River basin, this 23-mile ride is part of a 30+ mile loop known for its lush canopies of live oaks and scenic river and marsh views. During motorcycle rallies, be on the look-out for street photographers capturing your picture as you cruise through the Old Florida landscape along the Ormond Beach Scenic Loop and Trail.

Turn-by-Turn Directions: Download the free REVER motorcycle trip planner and follow Biketoberfest® Rally for turn-by-turn directions of the Biketoberfest® The Loop Ride and more! Revisit our Top Ride page for instructions on how to follow Biketoberfest® Rally on REVER. 

Roadside Attractions and Amenities: North Peninsula State Park, Highbridge Park, Bulow Creek State Park, Fairchild Oak, Tomoka State Park, and Ormond Beach Historical Society.

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