Looking to kick-start 2020 with more fun, more family memories and more meaningful connections to nature? New Year’s resolutions are a great excuse to goal plan and restart the year with a fresh, clean slate — but they often miss the mark. Instead of settling for the same ol’ resolutions (because really, who needs “lose weight” as a constant reminder on the fridge?), we’re offering a few new ideas on how to make the upcoming year your best yet. Of course, the details will depend entirely on you, but use these five ideas to start shaping up your own resolution list.

Resolution 1: Travel more

Birds along the shoreline near the Daytona Beach Pier

Too often, people have a “wanderlust list” of places they long to see, only to let those dreams fall to the wayside. Of course, the realities of daily responsibilities are tough — the chores, work and child-rearing won’t do themselves — but there are proven emotional, mental and career-oriented benefits to taking vacations. If traveling to new places and seeing new sights is something that holds value to you, make 2020 the year you jump on those dreams. And what better way to start than with a sunny stay in Daytona Beach!

Resolution 2: Try something you’re scared of

If you’re looking for a place to try something that gives you the ultimate adrenaline rush, look no further than Daytona Beach! Whether your definition of “scary” is an extreme sport like skydiving or more in the camp of “trying a new seafood” — Daytona Beach has you covered. Paddle up close to wildlife, parasail high above the waters or dig into that delish local shrimp dish. Get a better idea of all of the fun that awaits by checking out our Adventure Seeker’s Guide to Daytona Beach!

Resolution 3: Truly focus on wellness

A woman sits in a yogic lotus position on Daytona Beach at sunrise.

“Improve health and wellness” tops many a resolution list, but what does that actually look like? For many people, it means joining a gym with gusto in January, only to have the membership keycard collecting dust by March. The trick is to take small steps and form new daily habits, and sometimes that means incorporating a new, five-minute morning routine rather than tackling a new lifestyle altogether.

So, try a new morning ritual! Your favorite vacation and day-off habit may be sleeping in with absolutely no alarm set — and that is totally acceptable! Life is hard, and a break is deserved. But in a place like Daytona Beach, you might find that keeping the curtains open and allowing the sunrise to wake you up naturally is a fulfilling and worthy wake-up call. Besides, when you are staying oceanfront with a private balcony, it’s hard to be mad about the 6 a.m. view!

Alternatively, maybe your new morning ritual includes sipping hot tea or coffee while journaling, chatting with your significant other or taking a few minutes to simply reflect on what you’re thankful for. Challenge yourself to avoid looking at your phone for the first hour you’re awake — that alone can do wonders for stress levels!

Resolution 4: Incorporate movement into your daily activities

A couple enjoys paddleboarding in Ponce Inlet near the Lighthouse

The benefits of regularly moving your body are countless, ranging from physical fitness to mental health. It’s easy to make exercise fun while you’re in Daytona Beach. Go for a long walk on the beach, or pick up the speed with a jog. Rent a bike and ride directly on miles of the area’s hard-packed, white-sand beaches. Or, head to one of the area’s many state parks or biking trails. These are all fun ways to explore a new area while getting some blood pumping! There are lots of ways to keep a vacation healthy in Daytona Beach.

Resolution 5: Recharge relationships …

… with your children, your significant other, your closest friends or yourself. Whether it’s making the effort to all meet up for an extended family reunion, going for a girls’ getaway, carving out a little “you time” to attend a restorative yoga class, making time to be together with your spouse or taking time off of work to play in the waves with your kids, it’s crucial that you invest in the relationships that you want to stick around. Take some time to determine what tasks and can be shifted in order to re-prioritize the relationships that you cherish most.

Got your New Year’s resolutions ready? Perfect! Now all that’s left to do is plan your Daytona Beach getaway so you can knock out more than one item on the list!

Start planning your trip now.