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Unofficially dubbed the “psychic capital of the world,” Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp is known for its unique historic homes and mysterious beginnings. The camp was founded in 1875 by a traveling medium named George Colby, who was originally from New York. He was well-known at the time for putting people in trances and communicating with spirits from

Daytona Beach, Part 2: I Attend a Drive-In Church

Posted on Monday, December 21, 2015 10:00 AM by Guest Blogger

Special thanks to Don Morreale, Denver International Travel Examiner, for sharing his account of attending the Drive-In Christian Church.

Sunday morning. I'm awake at 9:45 with only fifteen minutes to dress, scarf down some breakfast, brush my teeth, and drive across the street to church. Drive? Across the street? To church? Well, yeah, see, because the church in question is no ordinary church.