One of the best aspects of a vacation in Daytona Beach is the ability to spend each day at your own speed. For your family, that could mean starting the morning with a sunrise stroll along the shore, or by diving headfirst into a new adventure. Literally. 

At Skydive DeLand, brave and daring souls are invited to experience the free-fall adventure (and the accompanying adrenaline rush) of a tandem skydive. This world-class skydiving operation has been teaching the sport since 1982. Conveniently located within an easy half-hour drive from Daytona Beach, Skydive DeLand provides all the gear and expertise you’ll need. 

LOCATION: 1600 Flightline Boulevard, DeLand

The best part? You don’t have to have any previous experience to get in on the action. The Tandem Skydiving experience is the most popular way for first-time jumpers to feel the thrill of a jump. Paired with an experienced instructor, you will jump from an aircraft that cruises at nearly 14,000 feet in the air. The free fall on this dive lasts about one minute, and it is followed by three to five minutes of a scenic and peaceful canopy flight to the ground. Talk about incredible vacation views! And since you are bound together with an expert, you don’t have to worry about deploying the parachute or guiding the parachute to a safe, soft landing — the instructor takes care of all of that for you. All you have to think about is the exhilarating rush of the fall. In addition, talented aerial videographers will capture footage that guarantees you can relive the heart-pounding experience over and over again. For those ready to spread their wings on a solo jump, experienced jumper opportunities are also available. 

Send your adventurous spirit soaring on your next beach getaway! Jumpers must be 18 years old to participate, so don’t forget to bring along your photo I.D. Though they are not required, reservations are strongly preferred — so don’t wait! Start planning your adventure in Daytona Beach today!