Labor Day, celebrated by Americans far and wide on the first Monday in September each year, is designed to honor the sizable contributions the U.S. workforce makes to our nation’s successes each and every day. What better way better way to mark the holiday than with a trip to the beach.

Getting outdoors to take in some coastal air and enjoy some only-available-along-the-shoreline activities is a great way to relax and celebrate the season. Consider these four fitting ways to enjoy the outdoors in the Daytona Beach area over Labor Day or any time in September:

Beach Day Family

  • Spend time on the beach — With 23 miles of white-sand beaches, Daytona Beach offers deep and wide reasons (500 feet wide from the start of the sands to the surf at low tide, to be exact) for beach-lovers to visit the oceanfront. And beyond the typical beach activities of soaking up the sun on a beach blanket and splashing around in the waves, vacationers here can even park their cars right on the beach — in certain zones, driving very slowly of course, which is a convenient way to bring the whole family (and their beach toys) to the beach. So roll down those car windows (or even let the top down) and head for the “World’s Most Famous Beach” for some fun in the sun!

Bicycle Couple Beach

  • Go biking on the beach — Cyclists in particular have another unique-to-the-area reason to head for Daytona Beach. Because the beach sands here are hard-packed in many sections, especially at low tide, visitors looking for a riding experience that’s hard to find anywhere else (plus a unique in-ride perspective) can take to the beaches on two wheels! So grab a few riding companions, hop on your cruiser bikes, and enjoy the ocean breezes and maritime sights as you take a pedal-powered ride along the beach.

A family of five enjoys a hike.

Kayak Sunset

  • Kayaking — Boating enthusiasts have plenty of reasons to love the Daytona Beach area, and its abundance of kayak-friendly waters is high on the list. Whether you bring your own personal watercraft or choose to rent your floating ride from a local outfitter, the boating and paddling options in the area include destinations for high-energy adventure and peaceful escapes. Bonus: For wildlife lovers, kayaking the area’s waterways is a perfect way to spot manatees, dolphins, birds, turtles and more.


Ready to lock in your outdoor adventures? Start planning your Labor Day getaway in the Daytona Beach area today! Even better, find a deal on your September stay by checking for special offers on our Daytona Beach Hotel Deals page. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you soon for some Wide. Open. Fun.