Heading into the area this fall? With so many fun and family-friendly festivals going on in Daytona Beach this season, there are plenty of excuses to come for a fall beach getaway! And if that isn’t enough to convince you, there’s also the mild temperatures and pleasant weather to consider, as well as the reduced numbers of vacationers visiting in the off-season. 

An escape to the beach is exactly what the doctor ordered before you face winter — so come on down! Whether you are a die-hard art enthusiast, classic car lover or food fanatic, Daytona Beach has a fall festival you’ll love. But once you figure out oceanfront accommodations and get tickets to your event, you’re left with one looming task: packing! Should you plan on sweater weather or bikinis? Hiking boots or flip-flops? Ahead, find some must-pack items to add to your list as you prepare for your fall festival adventure.

1.) Comfortable walking shoes

Whether you’re perusing art along the riverfront at the Halifax Art Festival or sampling seafood at the Riverfest Seafood Festival, you’ll be glad you have sturdy walking shoes. Skip the high heels or uncomfortable clogs — a festival is about experiencing a slice of the local culture, and it’s easier to concentrate on when you’re wearing comfy shoes.

2.) Light layers

Fall is many local residents’ favorite season for one main reason: the perfect weather. The temps are moderate, but sunny, in the late morning and into the afternoon, and you’ll likely be warm without any added sweater. But, as the evening rolls around, a nice breeze off the water will pick up, especially if you’re dining on the waterfront. A light cardigan or windbreaker does just the trick at this hour!

3.) Outdoor essentials

Though the temperatures will be much milder than during the summer months, you don’t want to return back home with anything other than wonderful memories and maybe some souvenirs. Play it safe by packing sunscreen and a hat or visor. Of course, if you forget these essentials, there are many local stores that carry a variety of options for your convenience.

4.) The right bag

If you’re walking around an outdoor festival, you’ll need just the right bag to carry all of the aforementioned outdoor essentials! A smart choice is a crossbody bag, which is big enough to carry around all of your fundamentals, but leaves your hands free to poke around the festival tents and tables. In addition to being less cumbersome than a backpack, a crossbody bag is a better choice because backpacks and large totes are sometimes prohibited in certain event spaces. Be sure to check the venue’s rules before you go!

5.) Refillable water bottle

In Daytona Beach, there are delicious restaurants, cafes and shops around every corner! There are plenty of places to grab a pick-me-up if you need it, and the festival itself is sure to have lots of food and beverage options. But to get you through a long day outdoors, it’s smart to bring your own refillable water bottle. Some events won’t allow you to bring in an already-filled bottle, but you can always fill one with water at a nearby water fountain. When it comes to staying hydrated during a day-long festival, it’s better to be prepared!

6.) Swimsuit

Fall may mean a bulky sweater and boots in other parts of the country, but it’s still swimming season in Daytona Beach! Don’t forget to toss in your swimsuit so that you can take a dip at your hotel’s pool or splash in the ocean along the 23 miles of beaches in the area.

What are you waiting for — get to packing! We’ll see you this fall in Daytona Beach.

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