Summer may be winding to an end, but the beach days in Daytona Beach are far from over. Thanks to the area’s subtropical climate, mild temps and light breezes, beach-ready weather extends late into the fall. 

For some, soaking in the warm Florida sunshine and quieting all thoughts is the ideal way to spend a beach getaway. For others, sitting still for hours at a time just isn’t in their DNA. Having a handy list of beach activities is helpful for those among us who have a little more expendable energy — especially families with children! Play one of these fun beach games on your next visit to the area, and your spirits will remain as bright as the sky above.

1. Create Your Own Beach Olympics.

With 23 miles of expansive, hard-packed beaches that can reach up to 500 feet wide at low tide, there’s more than enough room in Daytona Beach to spread out and play games with your whole vacation crew. One fun way to get everyone involved is to form a type of relay race. For example, fill two buckets to the brim with water and sand, and draw start and finish lines. Players race to the finish line and double back to the start with the buckets and then tag the next player. Whichever team successfully finishes the race with the most water in their bucket is declared vacation champion.

2. Fly a Kite.

Some things you never grow out of, and flying a kite is one of them. This activity entertains both children and the young at heart — especially on a particularly breezy day! Couldn’t fit your kite in your luggage? No problem. Visit High Fly Hobbies on South Nova Road and get everything you need! While you’re there, you may just stumble upon a radio-controlled airplane or model rocket to take home as a souvenir.

3. Host a Sandcastle Competition.

There are few beach-vacation activities as classic as building a sandcastle. Why not add in a little friendly competition with a sandcastle contest? This is also a great way to make friends on the beach and invite other vacationers to join in the fun. Ideal for all ages, you can even award special honors for attributes like “most creative,” “most durable” and “most realistic.”

4. Play Bocce Ball.

Put your beach bowling-like skills to the test with a fun game of bocce. Players take turns trying to get their three balls each as close as possible to the marker ball that’s been tossed. Didn’t bring your bocce set with you? You can easily rent equipment for bocce and other games from Sandy Andy’s for just $7 per day, or for as low as $30 per week. In addition to offering games such as bocce, ladder golf, Kan Jam and cornhole, Sandy Andy’s also rents nice lounge chairs, baby tents, wagons, umbrellas and more! When it comes to a fun-filled day by the water, Sandy Andy’s has you covered.

5. Get Hoppin’ with Hopscotch.

For those kiddos who never seem to tire out, hopscotch is a good way to expend some of that energy! Draw your hopscotch grid in the sand and use small shells or pieces of seaweed for markers. Pro tip: If the sand feels too hot for little toes, set up the game a little closer to the water’s edge, where the sand is nice and cool.

Whether you’re setting land-speed records with a footrace between siblings, building the world’s best sandcastle as a family, or simply snoozing beneath a beach umbrella, Daytona Beach is full of endless fun in the sun. What are your favorite beach games? Let us know in the comments below, and start planning your beach vacation today!

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