It’s back to the daily grind for students, sweater weather is just around the corner in some states, and football season is in full swing. Without a doubt, autumn’s signature stamps are appearing all around. But in Daytona Beach, fall takes on a different hue than in many other destinations. Bright blue water, sunny skies and lush greens are the colors of fall around here — and it’s one of the best seasons to explore the area. Beyond the warm, pleasant temperatures and summery vibes that extend well past September, Daytona Beach offers a number of compelling reasons to visit in the fall. It’s a truly “WonderFall” experience — read on to learn why! 

Discover why Daytona Beach is the “Festival Capital of Florida”

This fall, more than 60 events, festivals, and celebrations will take place in the Daytona Beach area — and that means there’s always something fun going on! There’s no real category that all the events can be put into — a wide range of interests, hobbies and holidays will be represented at some point this fall. So no matter the ages in your vacation crew, you’ll find something you love.

Sample the stuffed grape leaves at the annual St. Demetrios Greek Festival, where traditional cultural dances, art exhibits, and delicious dining can all be found. Or, get revved up for the Fall Cycle Scene Activities at Daytona International Speedway, where you can catch free demo rides and exciting motorcycle races, peruse vendor displays, and rock out with live entertainment. Another fall favorite is the Halifax Art Festival, which will showcase 250 fine artists, offer live music and dancing, and provide many fun, interactive children’s booths. To learn more about all the fun and festive events happening this season, check out some of the top festivals coming to the Daytona Beach area this fall.

Get Excellent Value on Your Vacation!

One of the most obvious incentives to visit Daytona Beach this fall: the amazing deals you can get on accommodations, attractions, and entertainment! By visiting after “peak season,” you can snag a savvy deal on all sorts of oceanfront hotels and condos. Plus, many venues and attractions in the area offer combination packages that provide amazing value on your vacation.

For example, golf enthusiasts jump at the chance to play a round at one of Daytona Beach’s best-known courses. With perfect fall weather, fewer players on the course and great prices, there’s no question why! Daytonabeach.Golf offers unbeatable deals on stay-and-play packages, making a golf getaway a no-brainer for fall. Be sure to explore these and other deals in the area for an excellent value on your fall vacation.

Roam Free on 23 Miles of Uncrowded Beaches

Although a number of phenomenal fests are coming to the area this fall, that doesn’t mean the area will feel cramped. In fact, fall is one of the best seasons to visit Daytona Beach, because the summer vacationers have cleared out, and the families headed down for spring break haven’t even thought about starting to pack yet.

Daytona Beach is known far and wide for its expansive, beautiful beaches — and that’s something that rings true all year long! Especially during the upcoming season, though, these famously wide beaches and the nicely spread out downtown area feel even more liberated. Ride bikes on the beach without worrying about hitting an umbrella or rolling over a towel; visit world-famous attractions like the speedway without having to wait in long lines; savor fresh seafood without the hassle of waiting for a table. Explore the best of Daytona Beach — and do it with plenty of elbow room this fall.

Well, what are you waiting for? Daytona Beach’s warm weather and fall fun await. Consider one last relaxing beach escape before the holiday madness sets in, or simply as an excuse to reconnect with your loved ones in a fun and refreshing atmosphere.

Enjoy Wonderfall savings!

  • Florida Resident Deals: From May 1, 2019, through April 30, 2020, Florida residents can enjoy specials at select hotels, attractions, and restaurants.
  • Georgia Resident Deals: By visiting after “peak season,” Georgia residents can enjoy amazing deals at select hotels, attractions, and restaurants.
  • Special Rates for Veterans: During the month of November, U.S. military veterans can enjoy specials at select hotels, attractions, and restaurants.

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