Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue was named the 2016 Beach Patrol of the Year, the highest honor given by the Florida Beach Patrol Chiefs Association. 

While the beaches of the Daytona Beach area offer miles of beauty and fun, beach safety is always held in high regard. Daytona Beach attracts millions of visitors each year and our Lifeguard Corps are on the lookout to keep each one of those beach goers safe. Daytona Beach’s safety program includes water rescue of swimmers and surfers, boater rescue, search for missing persons and other beach-related emergencies. Our lifeguards also handle enforcement of beach laws and regulations related to beach and aquatic activities. Volusia County’s Beach Safety Program is emerging as one of the most esteemed public safety organizations in the area. 

Even with Daytona Beach’s prestigious lifeguard program, it's important for all of our visitors to practice beach safety by following all posted beach guidelines and tips. Always remember to keep an eye on small children and to set up close to a lifeguard tower. Look for safety flags and inquire with a lifeguard regarding possible rip currents and tide information. Lifeguards use a system of flag to signify beach conditions and keep beach goers safe. Learn more on

Beach Tips

Questions? While at the beach, feel free to contact one of our friendly Volusia County Beach Patrol officials for assistance. Please contact them at and 386-239-7873 or contact us. We're here to help!

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