DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – The Daytona Beach area is being showcased in the Crossroads of the World – Times Square in New York City.

The Daytona Beach Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) placed a 3D anamorphic billboard on the corner of 20 Times Square and 47th Street to run April 3 through April 30. The branded 15-second video features a kite surfer riding a wave with the famous Daytona Beach Pier in the background followed by a dolphin jumping through the Daytona Beach logo. On the underside of the surfer’s board is the logo for the CVB’s latest campaign “Beach On.”

Anamorphic billboards combine images from different angles to create the illusion of three dimensions and attract attention. Collaborating with its advertising agency of record, The Zimmerman Agency, the planning and production of the anamorphic billboard video took about three months.

The anamorphic video, which runs 20 times per hour, was also part of a social media and geofencing program. To assist in amplifying the exposure, a “street team” was on-site in Times Square on Saturday, April 8 distributing Daytona Beach-themed bags with giveaways and QR code cards.

“There is this larger-than-life energy to Daytona Beach that can be hard to get across in traditional media, so when we discovered the opportunity to create something immersive on this massive 3D board in Times Square, we knew it was right,” said Lori Campbell Baker, the CVB’s Executive Director. “It’s the ultimate expression of “Beach On” and invites every New Yorker to come experience the warm hospitality of our destination for themselves.”