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Daytona Beach is the perfect base camp for your Florida vacation. Set off on a convenient day trip to one of the state's most popular attractions and be back in time for dinner!

How close is Daytona Beach to top-rated Florida attractions?

You get the best of all worlds when you vacation in Daytona Beach. Experience all the family beach fun to be had along 23 miles of Atlantic coastline. Indulge in Daytona Beach’s famed arts scene, festivals and attractions, local eateries, shopping and golf then venture out on day trips to explore Kennedy Space Center, Orlando and St. Augustine. Daytona Beach is the perfect base camp to explore Central Florida and beyond!

Daytona Beach is closer than you think to these top-rated Florida attractions:

Castillo de San Marcos and Historic District, St. Augustine, 56 miles from Daytona Beach
Kennedy Space Center, 64 miles from Daytona Beach
Orlando Eye, 65 miles from Daytona Beach
Sea World, Orlando, 70 miles from Daytona Beach
Sawgrass Country Club, Ponte Vedra, 81 miles from Daytona Beach
Universal Studios, Orlando, 64 miles from Daytona Beach
Walt Disney World, Orlando, 73 miles from Daytona Beach
World Golf Village, St. Augustine, 62 miles from Daytona Beach

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