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March 2020 Giveaway


March 2020 Giveaway



Phony Art Studio


Daytona Beach, United States, United States

1 hour

Have you ever dreamt of a personal photo session? Me too. Did you ever think it could go wrong? Me neither. Roger, the "artist", is not a real artist. He is a criminal. He is blackmailing you; he wants a ridiculous sum of money, $50,000, for the negatives. Paying is an option, of course, that is if you had an extra 50 grand lying around...which you do not. Instead, you asked Rose to seduce him and they are now on a date at a nearby restaurant. Rose promised to do her best and keep Roger busy for an hour. Roger has locked the negatives in the safe of his art studio. So now it is up to you to get that safe open and retrieve the negatives in under an hour. Your mission should be simple...but maybe not.