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Shores Resort & Spa



1-Hour Jet Ski Adventure - Fun Zone Run


Port Orange, United States, United States

1 hour

Jet Skis are the funnest and most exciting way to explore the always changing Intercoastal Waterway. Our Sea Doo Adventure Tours are what real excitement is all about.

Definitely not for the faint of heart, this one hour guided tour begins at Rose Bay with a 10 minute, slower-paced eco-tour through the bays minimum wake channels and creeks getting a close-up look at our local wildlife in their native habitat as you familiarize yourself with the operation of the jet ski.

As we move out to the Halifax River, we pick up our speed (up to 40 mph) as we cruise south for 2 miles. That’s where you can pick up your speed, play and sight-see at your own pace for 40 minutes. During the final 10 minutes, we return to Rose Bay through other canals and channels.

This tour will accommodate all your water sports adrenaline and marine life curiosity.