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Daytona Beach Giveaway


Daytona Beach Giveaway



Step into your Creative Flow with Transformational Breath®

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Join Emily Archer and consciously connect to your breath, open your senses, and explore your vast creative possibilities. Transformational Breath® is a powerful healing modality that decreases stress and tension and allows participants to connect to their inner truth and wisdom. You are invited to let your breath take you on a journey of self-exploration and discovery. Discover how breathing is the key to transformation!

Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat, water, pillow, and a light blanket. Eat lightly and allow time for digestion prior to class. Please refrain from wearing any strong perfumes.

About the Instructor
Emily Archer M.A. is a college professor, yoga instructor, and breathwork facilitator. She holds a certification in Transformational Breath® and has trained closely with founder Dr. Judith Kravitz, a leading world expert in breathwork. She had trained across CA and the UK and since has facilitated hundreds of people in this magical and life changing modality.