• Address: 124 North Florida Avenue, DeLand, FL 32721
  • Phone: (386) 736-1500
  • Presented By: Athens Theatre
  • Dates: 9/23/2023, 9/24/2023, 9/28/2023, 9/29/2023, 9/30/2023, 10/1/2023, 10/5/2023, 10/6/2023, 10/7/2023, 10/8/2023, 10/12/2023, 10/13/2023, 10/14/2023, 10/15/2023
  • Location: Athens Theatre
  • Time: 7:30 PM to 9:45 PM
  • Price: Preferred $35 Adult $30 Senior $28 Student $12 Group 8+ $25
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Stephen King’s, Misery
Stephen King’s critically acclaimed novel, Misery is set to hit the stage! Someone can love you so much it hurts—you. The life of Paul, a successful romance novelist, is saved (or is it?) when he is rescued from a car crash by his “Number One Fan,” Annie Wilkes. Audiences will remember this as the knockout (pun intended) role which won Kathy Bates an Oscar for Best Actress in 1991. When Paul wakes up, he realizes he is being held captive in her remote, secluded home. As he slowly begins to get better, Annie reads the manuscript to his newest novel and becomes engulfed in rage when she discovers the author has killed off her favorite character, Misery Chastain! Annie forces Paul to write a new “Misery” novel, and he quickly begins to realize that his new caretaker/warden has no intention of letting him go anywhere. As Annie continues to unravel and lose her grip on reality, she has Paul writing day and night. It’s as if his life depended on it, which—it turns out—it does. Paul struggles to pen a book he doesn’t want to write and begins to realize that if he does not find a way out of this living nightmare, Misery will be much more than a character in one of his books; it’ll be his sole existence!

Not recommended for audiences younger than 14.

Presented through special arrangement with Dramatist Play Service