Post-Storm Information

Post-Storm Information

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Daytona Beach Giveaway


Daytona Beach Giveaway



Million Dollar Time Machine

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Ever wish you could go back in time? Now you can!

Touring with the world's one and only time machine, this theatrical performance is igniting stages nationwide. “Million Dollar Time Machine” is the ultimate time travel experience and features only the best impersonators from around the world. Each night, the time machine year clock stops at 24 of the most defining points in the history of music and will summon which ever artist it chooses, pulling them from the year when they were at the height of their career. Twenty-four of the greatest artists who have ever lived will emerge one-by-one from a time machine and share the same stage for a truly epic and mind-blowing evening of music. This is a production that loves building generational bridges for their audiences and knows how to create an electrifying evening of time travel through music. Given that the producer has been creating a variety of shows for over 30 years, is it no surprise that “Million Dollar Time Machine” will come to be known as one of the most original and unique productions that the world has ever seen.