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Exceptional: The Art of Jill Cannady

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Open February 20 through May 2, 2021 a the Museum of Arts and Sciences during normal operating hours.

Jill Cannady has been painting and drawing her primarily figurative works for decades throughout her successful artistic career in Florida. Truly "exceptional," her works are often funny or ironic and always full of movement and life and never fail to evoke a response from the viewer. She works in many media from drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, and ceramics. Always surprising, her works depicting animals, humans, humorous objects or highly symbolic still lifes either stun for their audacity or startle for their ferocity. This exhibition will bring a representative selection of her long, varied and award-winning career to Daytona Beach

Image Credit: Twist, charcoal on acrylic stained stretched canvas. 60x40" Courtesy of the artist.