European School of Performing Arts Presents: Babes in Toyland

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"It’s the magic time of Christmas in fairy tale land at Mother Goose Village. Mary, Mary Quite Contrary and Tom, Tom the Pipers son are in love and plan to be married! But not all is well in Mother Goose Village. The local villain Barnaby has a different plan and he knows a secret. Barnaby swears to wed Mary, Mary and make sure Tom, Tom is not in the picture. Barnaby calls on his henchmen, Gonzorgo and Rodrigo, to do his evil deeds. For a bag of gold, they are quite willing. Little Bo Peep loses her sheep, the Butterfly Queen is captured by the Spiders! Meanwhile Mrs. Toymaker at the Toyland factory can’t make toys fast enough for Santa to bring to every good little boy and girl! Troubles are everywhere Mother Goose and all the fairy tale characters turn. Who will save the day?"