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Colored Pencil Squirrel Two-Day Workshop with Kathi Darby

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In this two-day colored pencil workshop instructed by Kathi Darby, students will learn how to transfer a line drawing to paper, learn how to draw animal eyes, render soft fur, draw wood and incorporate a background.

Open to beginning students, 16 and older. The teacher will supply a photo and a line drawing to transfer. Students are responsible for all other supplies; please see the supply list below.

Supply List:
- One sheet (9x12) of white, cream or light toned drawing paper
- Transfer paper (or the teacher will have a light box available for students to use)
- Tape
- Drawing board or smooth surface to draw on
- Pencil sharpener
- Erasers: Battery eraser recommended, kneaded eraser, Vanish or Factis eraser, Mono zero eraser (round)
Blenders: Cotton swabs, tissues, tortillions, blending stumps, pencil blenders
- Prismacolor Premier pencils (you may substitute similar colors or brands): Black, White, Jasmine, Dark umber, Light umber, Chocolate, Burnt ochre, Dark brown, 20% Cool gray, 90% Cool gray, 30% Warm gray, 50% Warm gray, 20% French Gray, 50% French Gray, 70% French Gray, Aquamarine, Green Ochre, Kelly (or True) Green, Spring green, Yellowed chartreuse, Dahlia purple, Violet, Clay rose