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Cinco de Mayo Celebration with Chef Sherry

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Embark on a festive culinary fiesta in honor of Cinco de Mayo, led by the talented Chef Sherry. Join us for a vibrant cooking class where you’ll learn to create a mouthwatering menu featuring Tomatillo Salsa, Roasted Tomato Salsa, Guacamole with Tortilla Chips, Blackened Fish Street Tacos, Carne Asada Street Tacos, Mexican Street Corn Salad, and Fresas Con Crema, all prepared with authentic ingredients from Oil & Vinegar.

Experience the spirit of Cinco de Mayo as Chef Sherry guides you through the preparation of a vibrant Mexican-inspired menu. From zesty salsas to savory tacos and refreshing desserts, you’ll be transported to the bustling streets of Mexico with each flavorful bite.

During this culinary fiesta, Chef Sherry will share her expertise in creating authentic Mexican dishes, showcasing the bold flavors and vibrant colors of Mexican cuisine. Explore the world of street tacos as Chef Sherry demonstrates how to prepare the Blackened Fish Street Tacos and the Carne Asada Street Tacos, showcasing a variety of textures and flavors that capture the essence of Mexican street food. Indulge in the freshness of the Mexican Street Corn Salad, a delightful mix of grilled corn, creamy dressing, and savory spices that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Conclude your culinary journey with the sweet and luscious Fresas Con Crema, a traditional Mexican dessert featuring strawberries and cream.

Throughout the class, Chef Sherry will provide tips and tricks for enhancing the flavors of each dish, as well as insights into the vibrant culture and traditions of Mexico. Discover how ingredients from Oil & Vinegar can elevate your Cinco de Mayo celebration with authentic Mexican flavors.

Celebrate the rich culinary heritage of Mexico as you feast on the delectable creations you’ve prepared. Share the joy of the occasion with your fellow food enthusiasts as you savor the flavors of Cinco de Mayo in each delicious dish.