Post-Storm Information

Post-Storm Information

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Daytona Beach Giveaway


Daytona Beach Giveaway



An Afternoon with Florida History

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An afternoon of Florida history in the Root Family Auditorium.

Florida’s Famous Shipwrecks
Join Senior Curator of Education and History, Zach Zacharias and discover the many famous shipwrecks that made the pages of Florida history. Thousands of ships of all kinds have sunk off Florida’s immense coastline over the centuries. From the 15 – wreck of the Atocha to the capsizing of Prince Vladamir in Biscayne Bay these shipwrecks had an impact on Florida’s history.

Land of the Timucua
Join Registrar and Assistant Curator, Felipe De Paula of the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse & Museum as he discusses the history of the Timucua people that lived in Florida before the arrival of Europeans. Consisting of various tribes that shared a common language, the Timucua inhabited most of what is today Central and North Florida. Learn about their history and culture.