Video: Daytona Beach is Wide. Open. Fun.

Family life today is pretty hectic. You know what helps? Counting down to your next Daytona Beach vacation! It is comforting to imagine escaping to the beach and getting back to what’s really important: quality family time. 

Family travelers love to share with us how many days until their next Daytona Beach vacation. The first thing they do? Our unofficial Facebook survey revealed that, after dropping the luggage off at the hotel, a toe dip in the ocean is the very next priority.

Daytona Beach has more than a few outdoor adventures for families. Let us help you with just three to try when you’re off the beach. 

3 Fun Outdoor Adventures To Try

1.) Kayak the Tomoka

The Tomoka River Basin compels you to experience it on many levels. Take a drive with your family through the Ormond Beach Scenic Loop and you’ll see what I mean. I ventured into it for the first time last spring by renting a kayak at the Tomoka Outpost.

While I wasn’t sporting a fishing rod, I could easily see why many do. It’s a gorgeous place to unwind and there are plenty of other waterways to explore, too, while on this adventure or when you plan your next.

Travel planning resource: Kayaking 

2. Stand Up Paddleboarding

If stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is on your bucket list, let a local resident share his personal SUP adventure with you. You’ll see how fun it is, especially when you connect with our great SUP outfitters. And remember, you can try it first on the calm waters of the Intracoastal Waterway which may be less intimidating.

Did you know you don’t even have to stand up? You can actually kneel if you are concerned about losing your balance. If you advance quickly and yearn for some waves, then you just might look something like this:

Travel planning resource: Stand Up Paddleboarding 

3. Surfing

I’ve enjoyed snowboarding once the falling down part was over, but haven’t tried my luck at surfing. Yet. I love watching surfers and we have great vantage points to do just that. I think if you’re looking for a bucket list item to make your friends envious, then learning to surf in Daytona Beach is it.

With teachers around, like former professional and East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame superstar Mimi Munro, you can’t go wrong. Or, take it from this local surfer who puts her spin on the sport for you. 

Travel planning resource: Surfing 

Fabulous Food & Sunshine

Nothing brings a family together like great food, and Daytona Beach has your family’s taste buds covered. I think you'll agree once you check out these seafood restaurants! Tasty food, sunrise walks in ocean breeze, shopping under the sunshine, and wave after wave of fun will ensure quality time with your family. 

If your date is already penned on the calendar, then we’ll see you soon! If not, here’s the best way to find a great place to stay with your kids in Daytona Beach