Special thanks to Don Morreale, Denver International Travel Examiner, for sharing his account of attending the Drive-In Christian Church.

Sunday morning. I'm awake at 9:45 with only fifteen minutes to dress, scarf down some breakfast, brush my teeth, and drive across the street to church. Drive? Across the street? To church? Well, yeah, see, because the church in question is no ordinary church.This, my friend, is the Daytona Beach Drive In Christian Church. Established in 1953, it started out as a drive-in movie theater.

It's 10:15 by the time I drive through the entry gate, where the attendant hands me a "communion set," and tells me to tune my radio to FM 88.5. The communion set, which according to the Church's online brochure had been "carefully prayed over and packaged by loving volunteers," consists of a small plastic cup of grape juice and a sliver of wafer. I find a place close to the front. Unlike the drive-in movie theaters of my youth, the grounds here are not covered in gravel or asphalt, but planted in a hearty variety of Bermuda grass tough enough to withstand being driven over and parked upon.

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