Emily Blackwood, a popular Daytona Beach columnist and resident, explores the destination with fresh eyes and great perspective. 

Growing up is a trap, and not the kind you worried about as a kid. 

These kinds of traps are more subtle and happen over time. You could get locked into a job with no passion, or tangled up in a relationship that isn't healthy. And if you're really not careful, you might turn into someone you hate. 

Though they might not be as initially terrifying as falling through a trapdoor, I can assure you these traps are just as scary. 

I recently had a realization that I was falling into one of these adult traps: I stopped exploring. 

My obsessions with Indiana Jones and Nancy Drew fueled my inner investigator and love for adventure as a child. But as an adult, I seem to find all my adventure from my couch, watching "Law and Order."

And when I go out, I never go anywhere new. I frequent all the same places all the time, to a point where the drive thru attendant at Chick-fil-A recently gave me a rewards card and said, "You need this. You come here a lot." 

After a few days of fumbling over ideas and trying to find a solution, the universe presented me with an opportunity: to tag along with the Daytona Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau's on a media tour. I would be visiting some of DB's best spots with a group of travel writers. Score. Read more.