Photo: Toronto Star Reporter Lola Augustine Brown takes in the beauty of fishing the inland waters of Ormond Beach with The Good Life Charters

Guest blogger Captain Scott Cornelius, The Good Life Charters

As every fun filled year comes to an end, a new one begins. It's up to you to create "the filler."

I was honored to have an extremely unique guest aboard my vessel, "The Good Life." A guest from far away. As far as Canada to be exact. Her name is Lola and she carries a note pad and camera basically everywhere she goes.Her job involves travel all over the world and writing about her experiences. She is a reporter from the Toronto Star! I was surely excited to know my business was chosen to be involved in Lola's stories and possibly even be mentioned in Canada's largest newspaper.

As we cruised along the river and talked about everything from how she likes her stay here in Daytona Beach to how many brothers and sisters we each have...I couldn't help but think of how neat it is to have Lola on board. I'm a born and raised local, love where I live and love what I do. Now I've got a writer on my boat writing about my job and the areas that I spend my life...Awesome!

Mosquito Canals
It was a bit breezy today out in the middle of the river but that didn't bother her one bit. We stopped at our first anchoring point and set up to fish for a little while. Bite after bite was non-stop, but we weren't connecting with any of these bait thieves so we moved on. Our next stop was way back to one of my favorite little "get-aways" near the end of a particular mosquito canal. (Just because they're called "Mosquito Canals" doesn't mean they're filled with mosquitoes.) Actually they're created to help with mosquito control, but can make for some good fishing, too!

The Catch
We pulled up to our spot about 15 minutes back into the thin carved out canals that were lined with beautiful birds of all sorts and we started fishing again. We each had a line out in the water and mine was the first to hook up. I quickly set the hook to be sure the fish was on and handed the rod to Lola. "Oh boy we've got one!" she said. "I've never caught anything from a boat before, it's a lot of fun!" I quickly netted her fish and released him to fight another day.

Sea Monsters
After about 20 minutes at this spot, fishing and talking about life while Lola enjoyed the sights and took notes here and there, we pulled up anchor and headed off to our third and final spot of the day. Our third fishing spot was great! We caught a few more fish and saw some very large swirls in the water just ahead of the boat but the "Sea Monsters" didn't want to play. Although the average fishing trip is at least four or six hours, Lola had another destination to make it to so we cut it short at three.

Backwater Angling
I made sure to let the adventurous England born, Canadian writer with a husband, two kids and one on the way know that she was welcome back on board our boats any day! The conversations were great, fishing was fun, and even though the weather was a bit windier than I personally prefer for open water fishing, we were able to make the best of it by getting out of the wind to do some backwater angling.

Uncharted Waters
All in all a great time was had and Lola really seemed to enjoy her time aboard The Good Life Charters. I'm really looking forward to seeing what she writes along with any pictures she may have taken while I was safely navigating the beautiful uncharted waters of Ormond Beach.

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