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River to River Tour

River to River Tour (Halifax River to St. Johns River & Back) 
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200 miles, 3 hours + stops 

Point A: Old Dixie Highway (Ormond Beach)  
Point B: US 100 (Palatka)

Detour: This ride isn't a loop, but you can make it one by taking SR 15 south out of San Mateo to Crescent City and returning via US 40. Nice spot to grab a bite and a view of Crescent Lake at Three Bananas.

Shorten the scoot: Head south on US1 from Bunnell back to Ormond Beach.

Sites to See: Tomoka State Park, Flagler Beach Pier, St. Johns River, an American Heritage River, Palatka Welcome Center (900 St. Johns Avenue, Palatka; Palatka North Historic District (Bronson, North 1st, North 5th, and Main Streets).

Bites to Eat: Crabby Chris Barbecue and Sweets (1760 Ocean Shore Blvd, Ormond Beach); Lagerheads Bar and Grill (2986 Ocean Shore Blvd, Ormond Beach); The Black Cloud at Thunder Gulch (2129 N. US Hwy. 1. Bunnell); Angel's Dining Car (209 Reid St, Palatka); Three Bananas (11 S Lake St, Crescent City).