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Hill & Ponton Disability Attorneys

Hill & Ponton are proud to be the “Official Disability Attorneys of Biketoberfest® 2016.”


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The History behind Hill and Ponton, P.A.

Hill & Ponton was founded in 1986 in Orlando, Florida.  Since that time, we have expanded to serve clients throughout the Central Florida and Tampa Bay area with offices in Orlando, Deland, Melbourne and Tampa.

Our firm employs approximately 45 people. There are ten lawyers and seven case managers that handle both our Social Security and Veterans disability claims. The remainder of our staff supports our lawyers, case managers and clients to ensure that all claims are handled in an expeditious manner.

Our Social Security lawyers have handled Social Security Disability Claims for over 30 years. Carol Ponton, one of our senior partners, is well known in the medical and legal community for her expertise in the area of Social Security Disability.  She has been qualified as an expert witness on Social Security Disability Law numerous times in the past in proceedings before Administrative Law Judges.

Carol Ponton and Shelly Campbell, our Social Security Attorneys, have also been asked to speak about the Social Security Disability Law to numerous groups in Central Florida.  

Our firm has also assisted veterans in their VA claims for the last two decades.  Although the old law prevented us from being official representatives for the veterans before the VA, we would advise, pro bono, veterans seeking benefits.  In 2007, the law regarding attorney representation for veterans changed. We have been actively representing veterans before the VA ever since.  Our firm handles cases from Regional Offices around the nation through the appeals process to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals and then up to the Veterans’ Court.

Our case managers are an integral part of our firm.  Each of them has gone through an extensive training program to learn the intricacies of the Social Security and Veterans Disability process.  These people find their job satisfaction in helping disabled people obtain the benefits to which they are entitled to under the law.

We have also made it a goal to improve our use of technology.   In 2004, our firm made the financial commitment to become “paperless.”  As a result of the effort of our entire staff, we can now say that we are a “paperless” company.  All of our clients’ records are stored in our office in electronic format using case management software.  We spent a significant amount of time and money to guarantee that the storage of our clients’ records is both safe and confidential.  Our use of technology allows us to communicate with clients and interact with the Social Security and Veterans Administration more effectively.

At Hill & Ponton, we are very proud of our firm and its accomplishments. We think our law firm provides our clients with the best representation possible for their disability claim.

For more information, please call 1-888-477-2363.