Daytona Beach Resort Hotel & Suites

(386) 672-3770
2700 North Atlantic Avenue
Daytona Beach, FL 32118 Map

The Daytona Beach Resort Hotel & Suites is one of my favorite resort properties in the Daytona Beach area. It is located on the beach, across the street from Belair Plaza, and it's within walking distance of a countless variety of restaurants. And that's just the beginning!

Arrival: When I first visited the Daytona Beach Resort Hotel & Suites, I quickly noticed the valet parking. Yes, I was impressed. Sometimes it is such a hassle finding a parking space ANYWHERE near the front entrance of a hotel. With a smile on my face, I rolled toward the front door and noticed the electric sliding doors opening before me. Hallelujah! This resort was really off to a good start for me. As I entered, I noticed the beautiful tile work in the spacious lobby. Maybe I watch a lot of redecorating shows, but I was impressed by all of the marble, wood, brass, and glass that surrounded me in this beautiful lobby. It was classy.

The first items on my list were the lobby bathrooms. They were very nice and had all of the normal handicap-accessible features; large stall with a high sink, high toilet, and ample railing. The women's bathroom was also nice and even had a diaper changing station.

After evaluating the bathrooms, we started on our tour of the resort and I could not help but notice how great everything smelled! Usually, that's not something I notice. I asked my tour guide about this and she told me about scented fans throughout the resort that blow different scents. Some are scented with mango, some with coconut, and some with other exotic scents. It's a very nice and subtle touch!

The elevators are large enough to allow a wheelchair to turn around, and the elevator buttons are low enough for someone in a wheelchair to push. All of the doorways that I encountered are more than wide enough for a wheelchair.
Braille inscription is found under elevator buttons and on room number signs.

Luggage racks are available, and the courteous staff will assist in bringing the luggage to your room. When assistance is needed, it helps to make prior arrangements with an estimated arrival time.

Property Features: The bottom floor of the property has much to offer. There are three huge salons, a.k.a. conference rooms, that make up about 7400 ft. They can be broken up into three rooms or opened up into one large one. There are also several smaller conference rooms, some overlooking the pool area, and they are all accessible. There's also a huge hallway connecting these and it is equipped with several different groups of seats, couches, and tables for smaller consultations and gatherings. Located directly by the front entrance is Terra Acqua Day Spa which offers a full menu of healing and beautifying spa treatments.

The entire resort is WiFi accessible, and the lobby floor has a business center equipped with two laptops, a printer, a fax machine, a shredder, and a copier. These are all accessible with a quick swipe of your credit card. I had not previously seen this feature, but I think it's a great idea! Many people never carry cash anymore. Outside of the business center are a few
house phones, and an ATM for quick cash, if needed. Every floor also has an ice machine.

On the right side of the hallway, there are oversized wooden blinds that allow the property to somewhat shield the view of a large indoor swimming pool. The blinds are nice because it keeps swimmers from feeling self-conscious about being in bathing suits, while allowing hotel guests and meeting attendees to get a peak at this beautiful facility. You will also find two indoor Jacuzzi's on the property.

Down the hall a little farther is an in-house convenience store that offers a little bit of everything. This includes hot coffee, hot tea, sodas, snacks, sandwiches, salads, ice cream and much more. Again, this is all very accessible. Next to the convenience store is the restaurant. It is open and roomy, and almost all of the tables are easily accessible. The restaurant overlooks the pool and the beach, and it offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you would rather eat outside, they are more than happy to
accommodate this.

Next we went outside to a huge area between the resort and beach where I found several swimming pools. All of the pools have brick barriers on their edge that help prevent someone like me accidentally rolling into the water. There is also an outdoor kid's area with jet streams squirting out of the side of the pool, mushroom shaped waterfalls, and a gently sloped shallow end that allows a child to simply walk into the water.

Outside, you will also find a large deck that can accommodate 180 people for a gathering, and infrared grill capable of cooking 200 steaks in four minutes (WOW!), a complete pool bar, a pool deck for bands, and several umbrellas for shade. There is also a fire pit for those chilly nights with plenty of room for a wheelchair and plenty of seating room for others.

The pool deck has an accessible bathroom with an electric paper towel dispenser that uses a no-touch sensor. Pretty fancy. Just off of the pool you'll find a sauna and a fitness room.

Room Amenities: I learned that the facility has 13 handicapped accessible rooms. The one I saw had the bedroom separated from the living room. Next to the bed was a phone, alarm clock, and TV remote control. The room had lots of space, a good view, and a large living room with a couch in front of the flatscreen TV. The kitchen was equipped with a low microwave.

The bathroom has room to turn around, a high toilet and sink, and grab bars. The roll-in shower has a long shower hose and a built-in shower seat. It's a good bathroom, and it has a door connected to the living room and one connected to the bedroom.

After looking at the room, I was shown that some of the rooms directly facing the water are connected by one long common balcony. It's a pretty cool idea that I have not seen, and it's very roomy. On the north end, there is an area where you can look out over the ocean on one end, and then you can go to the other side and see out over the peninsula toward the river. It's a pretty cool view of the city. Next to this viewing area is one of four laundry areas. There are also six floors of parking garage.

Hungry? Aside from the delicious restaurant in the resort, you'll find several eateries in close proximity. At Belair Plaza, diagonally across the street, you'll find at least seven restaurants including Ruby Tuesday's, in addition to a Starbucks, grocery store, bowling alley, and several retail stores. Just across the street is a Denny's, and to the north about 1/2 mile, you'll find a row of five local and national restaurants bunched together.

Activities: There is a beach access ramp directly next door for pedestrians to easily get on the beach, and there is another for vehicles about 1/4 mile south and another 1/2 mile north. Sometimes the sand is too soft for a wheelchair to have easy maneuvering. However, beach driving is permissible in this area and Volusia County offers Surf Chairs for the disabled. These are large, maneuverable chairs made from PVC, with large wheels that allow them to be easily pushed on the sand. They can be delivered and picked up anywhere on the beach upon request. For more information, click here: Beach information for the disabled