Consumer Marketing

Beautiful images, strong messages and creative delivery are the focus of the Halifax Area Advertising Authority's (HAAA) advertising campaign, which is coordinated through their agency of record, The Brandon Agency. The agency develops and negotiates an aggressive advertising campaign, consistent in print, broadcast and online applications in our domestic and international markets.


The primary strategies of the Consumer Marketing Department are:

  1. Develop a research-based media plan that targets segments of the population that travel in specified time periods.
  2. Consistently monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the annual media plan in targeting the leisure traveler.
  3. Expand research efforts that assist in identifying market trends and new marketing opportunities.
  4. Design and develop niche marketing opportunities in concurrence with popular trends and travel interests.
  5. Establish opportunistic funding for short-term advertising placements to test new marketing platforms.

Target Segments

  • Families
  • Baby Boomers
  • Seniors
  • Couples
  • Millennials

Target Markets

  • Florida
  • Southeast United States
  • National
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
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